Irregular menstruation Causes, Treatment and Natural Cure of Irregular menstruation

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Menstruation refers to the monthly flow of blood from the cavity of the women’s womb. It is often accompanied with slight disturbances in the female body. It is also known as menses. There are two major female hormones estrogen and progesterone. They provide woman strength and stamina. The ovaries start producing estrogen in large quantities around the age of 12 years. The menstrual flow is connected with the female function of ovulation. It is a natural process that cleans the inner surface of the womb to take the process of reproduction normally. Menstrual periods last for 3-5 days and repeat the cycle after every 28 days.

The menstrual cycle causes various problems and they are:


It refers to the stoppage of menstruation. This condition can be caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, anemia, hormonal problems and stress.


It refers to the painful menstruation. In severe cases it is accompanied by vomiting. It is mainly caused by severe anemia.


Heavy menstrual flow is known as menorrhoea. The main cause of menorrhoea is the blood deficiency, especially blood calcium.


1. Sedentary life style should be avoided

2. Proper balanced diet should be taken

3. Spicy and heavy food should totally be avoided

4. Morning evening walk should be regularized

5. Proper rest should be taken

6. Proper sleep of about 6-8 hours is very essential

7. Avoid sleeping in day time

8. Shed of extra weight

Home Remedies for Menstruation Problems

1. Collect roots of banyan tree, extract and boil them with the help of decoction. Mix it with cow's milk and have this before bedtime for stimulating menstrual cycles in your body.

2. Grapes are also very effective. Drinking of grape juice on daily basis helps you in regularizing of the menstruation cycle. Eating grapes in the raw form will also help. However, overeating grapes may have other side-effects like lose motions too.

3. Parsley is another effective herb. It is one of the most efficient home remedies which can prevent menstruation disorders. Parsley juice can be consumed everyday in form of a medicine to get regular periods.

4. Take some radish seeds and grind them with water. Make a paste and mix it with buttermilk. After mixing the paste with buttermilk, drink it on a regular basis. You can have it once in a day to get positive results.

5. One can also take a decoction of bitter gourd (karela) roots and have it one or two times in a day. This might help in commencing the periods.

6. In order to avoid the menstrual irregularities, saunf (fennel) seeds are also proved to be very helpful.

7. A decoction which is being prepared from coriander (cilantro) leaves or seeds is also very helpful in getting your periods. But make sure that you have it thrice in a day.

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